Testing for Motor Modifications

It is unfortunate that some need to cheat in order to win. Is it really about winning or is it about the process. Please return all your trophies which were won under cheating circumstances.

As for the world championship, I understand that teams spent lots of money to get to the event. However, it is clear that the Tournament Organizers planned on new inspections well before the event was held. The Tournament Organizers knew about this before people even shipped the robots or traveled to distant lands. That being said, it is too bad the Tournament Organizers did not send a note to all teams BEFORE the event indicating that you would not be allowed to compete if caught cheating. Period. That way, the cheaters could decide for themselves where or not they would take the risk. Then, if caught the cheaters could be tossed from the tournament based on rule R5, and more specifically R15a.

I realize the mess this makes when an alliance partner is missing because they have been DQ’s from the tournament. However, I would much rather participate alone and lose than win with a cheater. I would much rather participate with people who abide by the rules than do the best we can with a group of cheaters.

The severity of the punishment should match the severity of the crime. The people caught cheating did a terrible thing and harmed ALL participants.

This is a huge problem for VEX in general. Hopefully we (as a community) can come up with ways to prevent cheating from taking place in the future.

I simply turn to the manual for G1 and say “common sense” - it was obviously missing from some teams this year.

Lastly, I would like to see an addition to G11 to say that “cheating is not part of the ethos of the VEX Robotics Competition and is not allowed.” Maybe we don’t repeat it enough or say it loud enough.

It was talked about before worlds in this thread https://vexforum.com/t/ptc-check-at-worlds-inspection/25949/1, and our coach knew somehow (I would assume from an email).

Hey Lucas, his name is Eli Osornio :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen him post on the forums a ton. Team UVM would also like to thank him because he made our motor check fast, quick, and even somewhat humorous haha.

We recognised Eli and introduced ourselves, but he wasn’t doing the motor inspections the whole time, so he didnt get the pleasure of inspecting Whiplash’s drive motors 6 times like the other field tech. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh darn, that’s what happens when you only get your motors inspected once… :confused: Only Eli inspected ours