Testing Keys with Tenda

So I was looking around for a VexNet key testing utility and I thought that maybe I could do something with the VexNet MAC address utility (http://www.vexrobotics.com/wiki/index.php/VEXnet_MAC_Utility) This program installed a program called Tenda which under statistics gives packet loss and recieved packets. From this could keys be tested. I noticed for some keys the Rx success packets number was larger than the CRC success packets but on others the CRC was larger than the Rx. Why would this be and does it say anything about the quality of the keys? We did not have any packet drops (on our good keys and the ones that are we think that are bad) so does this mean all of our keys are good?

That’s interesting, need to take a look at that again.

Tenda (a Chinese company) may have been the original source for the keys, the MAC addresses match the range given to Tenda from what I remember, I have used the keys with Tenda drivers under windows before.