Testing out the new Speaker

I found out that it goes into a digital output, and setting values of 0 and 1 literally moves the speaker up and down to create the vibration for sound. The speed at which it changes between 0 and 1 affects the frequency.

I set up a small test that basically just goes from the lowest frequency to the highest and back forever:
I have Digital 1 marked as a digital output.

Totally going to specify a task in RobotC to play 8-bit dubstep during autonomous.

Does it not go into the Cortex Speaker port?
Or are you using it on an older PIC microcontroller?

  • Dean

Which port would be the speaker port? We are using a Cortex controller.

The one labeled SP at the end of the digital ports.

Since you have the new speaker - I was just curious.

Are there any mounting holes on the back and how loud does it get?

I looked at the product page and I know there aren’t any on the sides.

BTW, I would think there should be some software update for EasyC and RobotC that includes commands for using the speaker port now that the speaker is out.

I am curious about both of these as well. If there are no mounting holes on the bottom, then I suppose you can use the Velcro circles that were previously used to hold VEXnet keys in place.

ROBOTC already has commands for playing tones to the speaker; look under the “Sound” category. On the Cortex, they play to the SP port, and on the PIC Microcontroller they play to a motor port. (I’m not sure if the new VEX Speaker would survive being plugged into a motor port, so don’t do that unless the instructions say its OK).

I don’t know of any sound commands in EasyC V4.


  • Dean

There are screws on the bottom which can be removed and used to attach to metal plat or bar. We had ours out at worlds today and the boys were having fun making all sorts of noises, one of them even got part of the mario bros. theme going.
It can get pretty loud with the right choice of frequency. Loud enough to annoy…

Cheers Kb

Do people know if these new speakers are legal in Sack Attack??? Our team wanted to use speakers this year, but were not allowed to. It would be great if they could be used in Sack Attack!

they say you can use the speaker as long as its not annoying or distracting. (im paraphrasing of course)

Rule R7d.iii:
“If using the VEX speaker (Part #276-1504), the chosen audio must not be distracting and must be in good taste. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on the appropriateness of the audio”

8 bit nyan cat, or 8 bit trololololololololol?

Both, or even, “BLUE ALLIANCE!” or “RED ALLIANCE!”.

Does the space for audio files come out of the 385KB of program space?

How do you get the speaker make noise?

RobotC has a few functions for the speaker.

Search for “speaker” here.

Can I use EasyC?

You can only play tones, right?

I’m all for it only being tones, robots playing dubstep would be a bit much.

Actually, ROBOTC has functions for playing small sound files. The audio quality isn’t outstanding, and the clip length has to be pretty short (a few seconds), but you could maybe add R2-D2-like sound effects.


  • Dean

I looked but only found the reference to play a sound file on the NXT file system. Will this work on a Cortex? how would we transfer the sound files? I was hoping to see this capability but can’t seem to find a way to do it from the included documentation. I did not review the system files or try experimenting yet.

Cheers Kb