Testing V5 brain ports

Does anyone know if there is a way to test the ports on a V5 brain to see if they are really dead or not?

Not anything fancy that I know of, but you can figure it out. Get a cord and motor that you know are working. Plug them into any brain port. Find the smart port on the motor and see what the light is doing. If it is a constant red color, the port should work. If the red light is flashing, the brain port is dead. Hope this helps.


Put a motor in the port and see if it runs. That’s about all you can do :man_shrugging:

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Plug a motor in and then go to devices and find the port it is plugged into. Then click on the motor icon and then click one of the arrows, the motor should start spinning.

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So, I have a V5 brain that has quite a few dead ports when testing them with a motor. Why does the radio receiver work if I hook up to the same dead ports? Is this due to the receiver not needing all four wires?

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