Tether Port Specifications

Does anyone know what type of signal the Tether Port sends? I really like the feel of the transmitter and would enjoy using it with other projects and as a computer joystick input. There are several programs currently available to do this, (PPJOY), but you need to know what type of signal the tether port or trainer port is outputting.

Unfortunately, the specifications for the Tether Port our proprietary and can not be released.

I recently purchased some Vex Transmitter and Receiver Add-on Kits and have been unable to find any documentation as to connector pinouts or signal configuration. Could you point me to some data?

Unfortunately, the details on the tether port are proprietary, see above post. On our Downloads page, http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-robotics-downloads.shtml, we do provide how 2 of the pins are used to control a competition, see Vex Competition Controller.