Tether Ramp Idea

Our team has been brainstorming ideas for a ramp. So we were wondering if we could have a ramp which was tethered to our robot which gets deployed at the start of the game, and physically isn’t touching our robot but is still attached by the tether? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

This sounds like it would violate the expansion rule; <SG10> I believe

Even if you could expand, you wouldn’t be able to guarantee that you could elevate your alliance; they would have to have enough torque to get up your ramp.

Okay thanks, we misunderstood the definition of the climbing zone

This would actually violate <G11> instead.

No. Tethers do not violate G11. Otherwise any number of tether bots (including ours) from the last 4 years would have been illegal to use. It’s the expansion rules that ban them.

Oh yeah, you’re right. When the op said the ramp wouldn’t be physically touching their robot, I thought it was completely disconnected and the tether was for something else.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Drop the first set of ramps in one spot, drive more and put second set of ramps in another. Other guy drive on them, 4 inches off the ground for 25 points and space saved on the robot for a full ramp.

Or maybe the ramps move. Like this incredibly slow car towing robot I saw. Look mechanum wheel in real life! (not speedy there either)

(can we get a mind blown emoji on the editor. would prove useful)