Tethering Problems VEXnet 2.0

My team has been experiencing difficulties concerning the tethering between VEX 2.0 keys for the joystick and the cortex .

The problem is that we tether it successfully,both the cortex and joystick are turning green.We updated the firmware on both cortex and joystick using the firmware updater


When I read your question I don’t understand what the problem is. When tethered, leds on the cortex and joystick will turn green, that’s normal. What is the problem you are having? Does tethered control not work?

Did you redownload your code after the firmware upgrade? Redoing the firmware wipes the current code on the cortex.

the problem is that the VEXnet keys wont connect even after tethering

Did you update the VEXnet 2.0 firmware?

yes i probably should post more information in the beginninng