When I tether the brain to the controller, the robot runs. When I disconnect, it does not run. I have restarted and made sure power was off when connecting to both units.

This happens quite a bit. Make sure the radios are plugged in all the way.

I have this problem also, and I have reset the radios several times, is it possible they are bad?
When I de-tether I get no ‘searching for radio bars’ at all.

What radios are you using (900MHz, 2.4GHz or Smart Radios) and what version of the firmware are you running? Make sure everything is up-to-date via VEXos.

This is almost always the issue. You should hear a loud pop when the radios properly seat in the brain and controller. It is possible that the radio on the brain was damaged when removing if the red button under the battery was not pressed in when it was last removed.

It’s possible to damage the connector inside the Brain when you install a radio. If you look inside the Brain and see a black plastic connector block, it is NOT broken. If you only see pins sticking up, the Brain is damaged and you need to contact VEX (903-453-0802) for help.

For VEXIQ Pairing of the Joystick to the Brain if they are not Tethering/Tether/Communicating together :

Here is the thing, the wireless card must be all the way in. Easier said than done. If you see some of the blue logo on the 2.4 connection card still showing, then it is NOT all the way it.
In the brain unit, you need to be pressing the red tiny button (located behind the battery compartment) while “at the same time” pushing the wireless card in. You need to push it in in such a case that card will snap ALL THE WAY in. Then you will be able pair the units. If the card is not all the in, you can try and try until you are blue in the face, the communication via a wireless signal will never work. At the same time if its not all the way in, you would think that something is defective or malfunction, but actually all the components are just fine.

Hope this posts helps

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