Texas Qualification

To avoid confusion i’m going to re-post a thread that was started on the Texas-vex google group.

If you want to see the full details, join the group here.

This is the 1st year that Texas has taken on this new Regional level qualification structure. So everyone should be patient as we figure out the bumps and confusion of this process.
These guidelines do not answer all of the questions. One thing is clear, the highest skills score teams in Texas will definitely qualify for regionals and compete for World Championship spots.

Texas Qualification Guidelines:

  1. The only way to qualify for World Championship in Texas is to perform well at an official Texas Regional
  2. Teams must perform well in Texas events to qualify for a Regional
  3. There will definitely be a North , South Texas Region (but the boundaries of those regions are still unclear)
  4. The other regions have not been officially announced or listed on robotevents.com
  5. Having the top Skills score in Texas will qualify you for a Regional (regardless of what region you are assigned)

Answers to the QUESTIONS:

  1. Is the qualification separate for each regional? yes
  2. **Is a Texas team confined to attending only one regional? ** no (this is a big grey area… teams in that region will have priority over teams not from that region)
  3. **If so, does this team have a choice in which or is it assigned? **maybe (this will be up to the RECF and Regional coordinators)
  4. Also, can a team participate in non-world qualifying events in different regions? yes
  5. **how would they be treated if they were to earn a qualifying spot for the regional? ** (skills scores will be treated the same globally, winning spots might be treated differently)

Thanks for providing more info, Andrew!

I understand it is difficult to figure out a new system (especially since it is specific to Texas). It’s nice to get a little more insight on what teams here will be expecting this season. I wish you and everyone else involved the best as you go through this process.

The competition is going to be intense over here. I can’t wait to get started.


As much as we liked the way it was I suppose things need to change and keep pace with the growth of the competition.

Texas is up to 250 teams and growing fast, hopefully we can add more events to the calendar soon.

Texas is kicking off the season with Houston VEX Skills

After the event, we will upload pictures and videos of the skills challenge runs.

Let’s see if Texas teams can make a dent in the top 60 robot skills scores.

After the event, we will upload pictures and videos of the skills challenge runs.

Let’s see if Texas teams can make a dent in the top 60 robot skills scores.

We are mentoring 3 new teams in Fannin, Hunt, and Hopkins counties and encouraging each of them to participate in programming skills. If we get an existing team grant and have our own field this year we will be very intently focused on programming skills.

Some pretty hard competition to take that 46th spot. :wink:
46 0 1336A Mustangs Kalaheo High School Hawaii, United States McKinley Vexhibition 2013 8/16/13

Glad to see Mr. Mead how much you are doing to help Texas grow. Saving the country one school at a time :slight_smile:

Thank you Griffin, from a parent/mentor point of view that is what it is all about. We really focused on outreach this past year and either directly helped or influenced 5 area teams to start (our D team included). After seeing the excitement and intense curiosity of some of these students I can honestly say I have found my passion.

You know what that means
You can create an obnoxious wiki page about all the teams you have any affiliation to and pretend your a member of
like this one

On a serious note 5 dam. Texas is lucky to have you. Surprised Vex office being in Texas doesn’t provide incentive for more teams to pop up in Texas.

FYI, http://www.roboticseducation.org/robotics-education-competition-foundation-receives-texas-workforce-commission-grant-to-support-500-vex-robotics-competition-high-school-teams/

This grant is awesome, 2 of the neighboring high schools that we are mentoring were awarded the new team grant and I was impressed when I saw what they got in the kits.

So to bring this thread back to Texas Qualification,

Three teams from Houston VEX Skills have now officially qualified for the South Texas Regional:
4252A - Pastoral Invasion
4128A - Awty International School
2158Z - ausTIN CANs

We will also use the Houston VEX Skills scores in the decision process for bubble teams.

Hopefully this process will get more clear as the season progresses.

I encourage all teams to register for Texas events soon.

The spots are filling up and every event will give you a better chance at Qualifying.

Oct 26th - Houston VEX (north houston)
Nov 9th - HISD VEX (houston - hisd only )
Nov 9th - Austin VEX
Nov 16th - Lake Highlands (Dallas)
Nov 23rd - Clear Creek VEX (South houston)
Dec 7th - Killeen Toss Up
Dec 7th - Greenville Toss UP
Dec 14th - HISD VEX North (houston - hisd only)
Jan 25th - Battle By the Beach (Galveston)
Feb 22nd - South Texas Regional (for teams that qualify)

We decided to compete in Dallas, Greenville and Austin.

See you there. Looking forward to another TVEX scoring machine!

We are not ready yet. How is yours?

Our “A” robot was finished in July but has a couple of changes in progress before Conroe, our “D” robot will really be pushing it but should get the last few screws tightened just in time for Austin. From what I can tell we will have to qualify for the North Texas Regional Championship, but I guess this will become clear sometime soon. We will go to as many as time and money permit just for the enjoyment of the competition regardless of the qualification. Both regions have some insanely good teams so there is not going to be any easy world championship qualifications this year

Now back on subject, Greenville appears to have been bumped up to 80 teams so this will be a big event.

That’s pretty much what we have got planned as well.

Sounds like this is going to be a fun season. Looking forward to seeing both of your teams. Though, I most likely won’t be able to attend the Greenville event. :frowning:

Looking forward to meeting you guys. I remember you guys had a really solid robot in World competition.

They just added a few more events.

01/04/2014 Alamo VEX
02/01/2014 East Texas VEX (Tyler)

Hopefully North Texas puts up a Championship date soon because I’m not sure how North Texas is doing their qualification structure.

The San Antonio event will most likely qualify teams for the South Texas Championship event.