Texas States problems

So the weekend of the 5th and the weekend of the 12th were Texas high school and middle school state. There have been so many complaints abut the terrible judging for the awards and everyone seems pretty annoyed about it. many teams who got excellence and design didn’t even deserve then as much as others.

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Have you contacted the EP or your RECF representative with your concerns? This forum post seems a bit premature (and non-constructive) considering the latter event happened this past weekend. A good question to ask yourself would be “What am I looking to achieve with this post?”.


Yes, I agree with this. My teammates, including the original poster, @10820ACoder have already had in-detail conversations with our coach in school today. Let us hear for any word from our coach. She as well as several other coaches have reached out together, so we should have waited to hear for a response.

That being said, the judging does seem very rigged. But since we feel we should have one a notebook/interview based award, it seems cynical and mysterious to complain publicly without laying out the evidence. I am worried that someone we know will see this post and it will come back to hurt us.

This wording on a public forum is dangerous.


as you mention later:

Less is more on the forum at this point.

So I would instead go review the Judge Guide and see what procedural missteps were had and what can improve for next season.

Share you findings with your coach to share with EP and RECF Support Team, and them with your team to see how you can do better in future (this perhaps on the misguided assumption on my part that you still have growth potential).


Out of curiosity, which region of texas are you referring to?

Please don’t have them sink deeper than they need to.


If I interpret your point correctly, said misguided assumption is correct.

Regarding the earlier claims I made the first statement as a concession that what is being said is true, and my own teammate is not making up bogus. The latter statement was made because the my teammate started naming names.

I do not wish my every phrase to be analyzed and held against me, but by now I understand that in the online world that is what will happen. My position in this thread has shifted from concern for my team over the entire topic to personal defence.

[clarification – oops let me clarify - my assumption we all have room to grow… words mangling on my part does not help-… --end clarification and follows original mangled reply]
Yes you do - all do.

I think the best is to let it be and move on.

Your coach is handling it. All will be ok.


Exactly what I would have done should my team not have made this post.
@DRow A lock would be much appreciated.

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Our robot got pinned an entire match while we were saying “Back off, that’s trapping” by 1 or both of our opponents, no call. We got mauled, no call. They almost gave the robot skills to the wrong team. I went to high school (the host was a 15 minute walk away) and they didn’t call/add points for at least 8 platform touches in the last 30. A MoGo was 3+ inches off the AWP Line and it wasn’t fixed before the match. Lastly, from what I remember (there were probably many more), 29560X tore out a few wires with 2 seconds to go from an opponent. No call. I watched maybe 1/3 of the matches in VRC Region 4 Regionals, and that’s just the parts I remembered.
That’s not even getting started with all the issues they had simply getting Auton to start, and in the High School Finals, everyone’s pneumatics were going off randomly between matches 1 and 2.