Texas Vex Alliance Applications are Open!

Are you interested in joining the Texas Vex Alliance? If so, then click on this link to fill your application:

Apply here!


What is the Texas Vex Alliance?
The Texas Vex Alliance, or TVA for short, is an online collaborative alliance with over 20 teams where we all talk about Vex and Vex-related topics. TVA is a place where you can ask how to make your robot better, and help other teams make theirs better. We also discuss game strategy, new and intriguing innovations, and even about everyday life.

Do I need to be a Texan team to join?
No, you don’t! In fact, most teams in the TVA aren’t even from Texas. The alliance itself was founded by Texan teams, hence the name “Texas Vex Alliance”.

What are the requirements to apply?
Anyone is welcome to submit an application, but we are more inclined to accept experienced teams with worlds attendance. But if you feel your team can contribute, feel free to apply!

If anyone has any more questions, please ask them in this thread and myself or other TVA members will try and answer them as best we can.


Can I join I am a Vex student

If your team is interested, you can fill out the application in the original post.