Texas VEX Alliance Coalition Sign Up Form Is Here!

Hello Forum Users!
Today, the Texas VEX Alliance organization has chosen to create the TVA Coalition. The TVA Coalition is a branch of TVA where chosen teams outside of Texas are trusted with the sharing of information within the alliance. A TVA Coalition team will have/be able to have as follows when accepted:

  • A TVA Coalition Chatroom that contains both TVA and TVA Coalition teams across the world, in which the information shared is kept in a safe environment where nothing is leaked to the public without the teams approval. This means a team can get judgement from different point-of-views, as well as get inspiration from other teams.
  • A TVA Coalition team will be able to join the TVA Cast stream when the TVA Cast becomes live.
  • A TVA Coalition team is able to request custom TVA and TVA-C wallpapers, TVA and TVA-C VEX Forum banners, and (hopefully in the future) custom TVA/TVA-C team T-Shirts.
  • A TVA Coalition team is able to attain information about strategies that can help increase the chances of qualifying for states/worlds.
    To sign up to be selected into the TVA Coalition, fill out the form HERE.
    To keep track of the teams currently in the TVA Coalition, visit HERE.

Since jess won’t verify me on her server…

What’s the idea behind this?

We revisited the statement, and we are now allowing to accept specific teams in regardless if they are in an alliance or not. Thanks for the notice :wink:

@[TVA]Connor since we have no youtube channel, can we PM you a couple pics of our robot(s) so that you know if we are good or not?

Is there a sign-up for teams in Texas?

There’s no need to do so ;). The forms system is used to check both competitiveness, truthfulness, and to see if any team of TVA has a friendly relation with one of those teams. Everything is measured about your team, not just competitiveness.

Usually, teams in Texas are invited personally by either email or after a competition. TVA was built to benefit all teams, regardless of competitiveness when they join. Since there’s obvious signs of success, TVA will be planning on expanding to help other teams out, but everything will be weighed to ensure that the teams can be trusted.

Just a side note: Acceptances will stop being sent out temporarily since we’re transferring from another chatting system to discord.