Texas VEX Alliance Group Invitations

After recently working on things for the future, I think that it would be nice to communicate with others in my state and discuss strategies and other methods to win worlds, nationals, and building the robot. After a bit of messing with settings in the BAND app, I was able to create the group fairly easily. If anyone would like to join, post down below that you would like to get invited and also your team number (to verify your state). I will PM you the link to the BAND group(you will have to get on your phone and get on the VEX forum website probably).

Can I even if I’m from Cali?

Im down, but im on 5327C from cali. Is that ok?

Sure! But I would appreciate it if the posts are only from Texas(you will be able to comment and chat though), and make sure that information said won’t get leaked (once we get more people).

Isn’t the vex forum for this…?

Well, it’s basically a forum for Texas. It does double up as a messaging system for other people as well. Also it will be used for planning skirmishes with other people in your region, and it allows communication about those strategies I said above outside of the VEX Forum, which is public and not private. Hopefully this answers your question, and hopefully this makes sense to why I made it :slight_smile: .

I just don’t believe that’s true…

After communicating with other people in a separate chat from my team, it is concluded that anyone outside of Texas won’t be allowed. The main reason is because it is to plan skirmishes and display locations that can be a bit personal. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Ya think only TX teams plan on winning worlds? Don’t worry there will be plenty of hard core competition around and even some random alliance partner pairings that result in a match loss no matter how good you are!

Requesting invite as team mentor for 2019F. We’ll be at Nats and Worlds

Give me just a second to give you the link…