Texas VEX Robotics Championship

We are pleased to announce the 1st annual Texas VEX Robotics Championship. It will be held at Galena Park High School on Saturday March 13, 2010, and is open to all teams that wish to sign up.

We will be using 2 fields, both elevated, and plan on webcasting the event so that it may be seen by all. When the “Madden” field is in use, the “Beckham” field will be setting up for the next contest.

We will be using live real-time scoring, and screens to project the current team standings.

The awards to be given out will include: Excellence Award, Robot Champion, Programming Challenge, Driver’s Challenge, Design Award, Judges Award, and Play of the Day Award. (more could be added)

Tentative schedule:
Friday March 12 - Robot Check-in, Inspection, Practice Day
Saturday March 13 - Final Check-in and Inspections, Opening Ceremonies, Qualifying Rounds, Alliance Selection, Playoffs, Closing Ceremonies

The Texas VEX Robotics Championship will also be a qualifier for the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship, with the top teams earning an automatic spot.

Please check for updates on the Houston VEX website: http://houston.vexevents.org

If you are interested in volunteering for the event please email me at: pjohnson2@galenaparkisd.com.

Thanks, and hope to see you there.


Sounds boring, Paul. You need to come out to one of the Washington tournaments instead… :slight_smile:

We would, but I’m afraid that all our equipment would rust due to all the water in the air…

Although it would be neat to introduce Slagathor II there.

There’s always a place for Slagathors in the wilds of Northern California…

Slagathor II. That sounds like it’s almost done!

My son’s team is scared. I mean, how can a robot named “Haiku” possibly hope to compete with a fierce dragon?

In that case, our robot would be called Scrappy.

One of these days…
I know it only takes money. I can’t tell you how much we want to come there, or to SVC.

Talk about boring…
Please don’t tell us that you have a robot that is going to be quoting some lame 3 line poems while it’s competing.

Our robot actually talks in couplets. We got the guy from chocolate rain to do the voice. It’s cool dawg.

Jokes aside, this event sounds pretty beastly. We’re hosting our first VRC event. The costs that we are experiencing are slightly larger than we expected, but we still hope to have two fields running in “off-set” with each other.

Our “space” would allow us to host quite a few teams, we could easily put the pits in our lunch room and then have the field in the gym (which is like 100 teams easy), but then we have stairs, and the smelly adjacent gym hallways. I think we’ll stick to the lunchroom, and we should easily be able to have a pit for roughly 30 teams, lunch area, two fields, a practice field (maybe), and still have room for fun events such as dancing. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - The event my team is hosting is the Peachtree Ridge High School Qualifier in Suwanee, Georgia. Nov. 21. WORD!!!

Haiku is the complex expression of many thoughts and ideas brought together into a small, compact, 17 syllable masterpiece. Its similar to VEX in how you take many ideas and hours of work, into a compact piece which reflects the feelings of the artist and his or her team. Its very poetic if you think hard enough.

Clean poet robot
Exults into the heavens
Dragon lumps - earthbound.

*Eternal earthen moisture

Robots in a scout’s dream

Darth’s rule supreme*

I got to put down this whiskey bottle…

Two kinds of people
Those who gaze at their navel
Others who do not

Vex Haiku contest?

You didn’t finish it:

VEX Haiku contest?
Engineers writing in verse
English teachers cringe

This thread is epic win.

Fire breathing robot
burning all of your haiku
beating everyone

I think you meant to write:

Fire breathing kiwi


Reading this old post,
Laughing at our epic fail,
We cant write poems…

This is robotics
Did you expect our haiku
to be terrific?

Or, an old classic…

Haiku is easy
but sometimes does not make sense

This is very Deep!
A Mental Exercise in,
a blending of Worlds


I think we need to start up some judges and give out some awards to the best haiku