Texas VEX Robotics Championship

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Do you happen to have a BOM or drawings for an elevated field? We’re thinking of building one as well for our competition.

Actually, it would be nice if IFI could post someone’s elevated field drawings next to the low-cost field perimeter drawings, or put them on a wiki page.

Our new practice field:



This and one other will be used in our March competition, and then will be a permanent practice field for us to use from now on.

It is set to Championship standards of 30 inches above the ground. It definately gives a different perspective than being on the ground.

We still have plenty of openings, so I’d like to invite any and all to register.

We also have 5 college teams that are registered, and will show off what they can do there as well.

Some of the plaques we will be handing out this Saturday. My students have been busy cutting them out on my cnc router and painting them.


Thanks to Jason Morrella,and Elise Wallworth with iD Tech Camps for donating a scholarship for a student to attend training at the iD Tech Camp this summer. It will be awarded to the winning Excellence team at our competition. Ms Wallworth will be attending the event and will be awarding the scholarship to the winning team.

Good Luck teams.

Thanks to everyone and the volunteers that helped put on the contest. I would also like to thank the teams that made the 4-6 hour trip to come to the event. We had a team from Kilgore, 2 from Greenville, 1 from Galveston, 1 from Arlington, and 1 from Del Valle.

I have a partial list of the awards from Saturday. I will post all the winners later when I get back to school and pull them up.

Programming Skills - Team 9999 (53 points)
Robot Skills - Team 1429B (103 points)
Finalist - Team 2587D
Fiinalist - Team 2587Z
Tournament Champion - Team 1429
Tournament Champion - Team 1429B
Excellence - Team 1429B

I would also like to thank the college teams that showed up and competed. Congratualtions to the University of Houston team for taking home the challenge win.

i really like those wooden awards. They cam out really clean (no errors or anything) i think cnc can help with that a little bit ;). They would look really cool in a collection of the standard vex aluminium awards.


Sounds like fun. Looks like we’ll see some KAOSbots in Dallas.

Congrats to all the teams that attended, and yes, it will be nice to see 1429 at Dallas (for a change ;)).

Somehow, I had I feeling that I might see that quote again. :rolleyes:

Sorry Rick, thru all the excitement of the day, we didn’t have time to do the Haiku contest. Maybe next year.

And yes we WILL be in Dallas this year. I’m not answering the phone if it rings…

Texas has experienced amazing growth this year. With at least 8 different VEX events and over 110 teams. This was a huge step up from 20 teams last year with only 2 events.

This was by far the best VEX event in Texas this season. The volunteers were amazing, everything went on time and the VEX teams were the best in the state of Texas.

The only major problem was the College Beta hardware which none of the colleges ended up using because of software/hardware problems. (that’s for another thread and discussed in detail on the RobotC Forums )

Congrats again to 1429 and their teachers (Paul & David) for putting on an excellent VEX event.

p.s. Both the teams I mentor - Rice and 2587 made it to finals and won their first match ! But reliability and drivetrain bugs always sneak up at the worst time.

The website for Texas VEX State Championship has been posted.

Awards & Results are available here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Worlds this year !

Most of the photos & some videos have been posted !


The matches were posted on Vimeo (high quality) and SchoolTube