Thank You For This Year

As the New Year is coming closer. I wanted to thank RECF and everyone at Vex for keeping vex up through this year. Without it, I would have gone insane. I made some great friends this year. If you all want to send thanks here before midnight, that would be appreciated.


I personally am grateful just for the existence of vex this year, having something I enjoy doing really made 2020 all that more manageable for me, and I’m sure it did the same for everyone else here.


It’s over – thanks Milo for the best wishes for RECF.

The 2020 gift season is done, you got your gifts, you went “meh” on some and exchanged them for something that makes you happy.

So what did you end up with?

Sitting here in my new Kermit the Frog Tshirt (thanks Susan) I have:

This was on sale at Farm and Fleet for $49. This will be a grandkid build once we get done with Covid. Pretty excited, this box is heavy and we can build all three things from a single kit.

I do a ton of training on Ardunio and Raspberry Pi interfaces. And it’s always "Step one, acquire all these fiddly parts and a breadboard. Then with about 2.3 million wires, hook them up. This board has about $20 worth of display parts and gives you one stop shopping to be able to use them.

I’m a huge fan of Raspberry Pi stuff. The latest versions with the 8 GB memory have entered the “Hey this is a real computer” (that heavy sigh you heard was from my IMSAI on the shelf) Anyway this case is hard core, with a massive heat sink, metro board to mount the 1TB SS drive. If you are going to go for a Pi on a robot, this case may be what you are looking for. Extruded aluminum case, internal supports, fan, etc. may make this your goto case.

Lastly, is this way to store all of your small electronics / components / jewelry – its a 80 slot bag than I’ve stuffed all the Pi Zero, hats, etc into. I had to put a hook on the back of the door to hold it, but I was smart enough to make it a big hook to hold the second bag that will become home to all the Arduino parts.

A pretty great Christmas with my favorite wine from my favorite sister, a Delaware shirt embedded with the NASA logo, and of course socks!

So what did you get to make you happy about 2020?


I wanted to thank RECF on the amazing job they did during this unscripted year. I would have gone crazy had it not been for looking forward to VEX after school. Even with all the issues, kinks, and setbacks, you guys powered through to make it the best possible experience for everyone.

Happy New Year! :tada:

@Foster For Christmas, I got a new tripod, camera, and camera attachments which really made my year complete.


I echo what @Milo409B, @Xenon27, and @FRC973 said, I would have gone crazy this last year if not for robotics. So I say thanks to the REC foundation and to all of the people that make Vex robotics possible. And thank you coaches for dealing with all of us crazy students :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

@Foster I got a new 3D printer that has been fun to mess around with.

R.I.P 2020
2021 - you have a very low bar to meet my standards for a great year


ur welcome


I remeber when I made the topic Will worlds get canceled this year and the first anwsers on the thread was “NO”

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For making new robot reveals, right? :grinning:


I’m just happy we still have a competition this year. I learned a lot, including maybe not PID :neutral_face:


It is a 360° camera, so it is more for drones and outside use than for reveals, but I could try it for reveals. I do wish I had a better camera for robot reveals (my little sister shoved the SD card in backward and broke the SD card slot on my nice camera), so hopefully 2021 will bring something good.


Oh Pls man sisters can be anyoying. My sis wanted to do my robot reveal with me and after 5 hours of the greatest reveal of all times she droped the cameara took out the ssd card and broke it in pieces. I really had no energy re recording it and my dad grounded me instead of my sister for brecking an $1000 camera.

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I applaud your bravery for making a stand and taking the blame for it.