Thank You (for Worlds 2022) from 8059

Just completed our LRT Worlds 2022 yesterday.

Not an easy ride for us in the TiP season. We couldn’t get into the lab until late 2021, and even then, with no clear indication of whether we were allowed to have an in-person SingNat or needed to do it skills challenge format.

After SingNat, our hope for in-person worlds was crushed when we were not allowed to fly out of the country. So it was a last minute pivot towards LRT and a mad rush of attending 3 LRT tournaments within 8 days.

And coupled with all the unfortunate cases of some members got covid-ed, hospitalisation, etc, it was really a roller-coaster end of season for us.

But nevertheless, we had a great time in the LRT Worlds, all the 8059 teams gave a good account of themselves and justified they are worthy of being in the worlds (ok… I might be a little biased over here).

We had 5 teams spread across 2 LRT divisions.
And at the end of the worlds, 8059D (our MS team playing up in HS) making it to the semi in the Apollo Div, and our 8059A and 8059B faced off each other in the other (i.e Cassini) division final.

At the LRT Worlds Final, 8059A couldn’t matched up to 66799A from Taiwan.
And giving a shoutout to 66799A - they have the best engineered LRT robot in the world, and so consistent and well driven.

Despite losing in the LRT Worlds Final, we are still all so pleased that we managed to clinch the Inspire Award and Create Award :slight_smile:

Leaving 2 of the LRT matches for your leisure viewing.

Cassini Division Final - 8059A vs 8059B

LRT World Final #1-2 - 66799A vs 8059A

And lastly, we would want to take this opportunity to thank all the teams that we have “met” online for the past few nights. In-person would be better, but still glad for the opportunity to get to play against some of the best LRT teams around.

And of course, a big THANK YOU to RECF and all the volunteers in making this LRT Worlds possible for us.
I was suprised by the small number of teams that signed up for it, maybe many of these teams decided not to change and rebuild their robots last minute for LRT, but RECF still took the effort to make this event possible even for these small group of teams.
It certainly means a lot to the students that they felt that they were still part of the Worlds :slight_smile:

But next year, we will certainly hope to be back for the in-person Worlds. We are looking forward to it.
And for those that have been around for a while, you will remember how 8059 performed in those seasons that involved a shooting element :slight_smile: