Thank You - from 8059

Hi all,

The worlds’ dust has somewhat settled down a bit (for the VRC)…

Once again, 8059 has a wonderful worlds this year - all thanks to the officials, the volunteers and especially to all the teams out there.

As many of you have already know, this might be our last worlds, but there might still be a chance for us to change our mind, because we have just heard of some positive news regarding Asia IFI 's plans for Singapore for the coming season, so the decision is still sitting on the fence.

For worlds 2019, I would say that the teams gone through almost the full range of experiences possible… ranging from feeling somewhat unjustly DQ (wish there was Bo3)… to going through a replay at RR (wish it was strictly Bo1 and no replay., lol)… to being issued a warning (our 1st ever in worlds)… to walking into Freedom Hall… etc…

But once again, I just want to express our appreciation to all the teams that we have played with and against during worlds, especially to our elimination rounds’ alliances - 169A, 2011A and 1200A. You guys have been great alliance partners.

And special shoutout to EC3 (Jason Neagle and teams) for always so kind to us and hosting us for a pre-world scrimmage and also to 169 for the invite to your late-night scrimmage.
169 - the current record stands at twice in a row now… walking into Freedom Hall together with you guys!

And special thanks to @Zphelps and @jpearman for dropping by our pits just to pass us the precious motors.


What a wholesome post. :smiley:


I think everyone can agree we hope to see you still in VRC this season and back at worlds. Well maybe not everyone who was in Math…

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Yes, definitely.

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Yes, definitely.

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