Thank you RECF, and thank you VEX

This might be my last year with VEX, I may do VEXU and if so you’ll still see me around, but until then I felt like I had to make sure the RECF and VEX know how much I appreciate what they do, and I wanted to give the deepest, most heartfelt, thank you I could give.
VRC was the highlight of my high school career, and I made so many great memories and had so many great experiences. VRC also gave me some of the most heartbreaking moments, and bitterest defeats, but out of these defeats I learned, not just how to build better robots, but how to be a better speaker, a better teammate, and a better leader.
VEX has helped me learn so many things and even showed me to what I wanted to do for a living, and I can’t thank them enough for it. Without VEX I don’t know where I would be right now or what I’d be doing, so VEX, RECF, IFI, @DanMantz, @DRow, @Grant_Cox, our regional manager @Ruben_Lopez, and everyone who is a part of creating this amazing program for us. Thank You so much for everything you’ve done for us.
ZackJo, 11495A The Robo Legends.


If you want to stay involved without doing VEXU, contact the RECF rep near you and let them know you’d like to volunteer at a tournament(s). Most regions are always strapped for perennial volunteers that understand the game like an alumni does for refereeing, judging, scorekeeping, etc. It can be quite fun, and you can usually negotiate free lunch out of it too.


Yeah, I was gonna do that anyway. I’m a really competitive person so I still want to compete, but I’m definitely gonna help at competitions in my area. I’ve been thinking things like reffing and announcing maybe. I’ve reffed at iq competitions before and enjoyed it quite a bit.


Just be competitive at being the best referee! Or the best emcee!


wont be hard. SWTX isn’t very big.

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do you know where your going to go to college?

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Before making any commitments to what you’d like to do for extracurricular competitions in post-secondary, take a moment to check out what already exists at your school. The VEX format of annual challenges is great for high school, but many post-secondary projects work on 2-3 year design/build cycles to better fit the demands and abilities of post-secondary teams. It sounds like you’re definitely open for a new challenge!

But nice letter… I think your sentiments are felt by many.