Thank you to the MD State Championship Event Partners

Event Partners spend many hours of personal time planning and organizing all of the details for the events they host. Some participants are quick to point out problems that arise in events, but publicly thanking event partners seems rare. Having lead the planning for the Mid-Atlantic Championship for 4 years and the Maryland State Championship last year, I am extremely thankful that a new Event Partner stepped forward to handle the Maryland State Championship this year. Planning and hosting a well-run, large championship event is a significant amount of work and stress.

The 2015 Maryland Championship was held two different weekends- VEX-IQ and VRC Middle School one weekend and VRC High School another weekend. I did not have a team competing in the VEX-IQ/MS VRC Championship, but I volunteered. The VEX-IQ/MS VRC event was extremely well run. This past weekend our two HS teams (24A and 24B) competed in the VRC HS Championship. The Event Partner did an awesome job with the event, recovering nicely from it being snowed out last weekend (March 7) and rescheduling everything for this past Saturday. The event was also very well run. Thank you to the MD State Championship Event Partners for their tireless work planning for and leading the two 2015 championship events, the Baltimore County Schools for providing the venues and support, and all of the volunteers who made the events so successful.

Thank you for recognizing the MD events! Coming from you, this means a lot since you know exactly what is involved in running a big competition. And thanks again for all your events and volunteer work too.

I agree that we need to look at centralizing/sharing resources for event partners including lists of available referees, judges, skilled and unskilled volunteers.
We have some new people and teams coming on board. I would like to see us offering a workshop to train them on things like Tournament Manager.

Good luck at Worlds!