Thank you Vex!

I just opened my 2020 challenge elements kit.

I’m impressed that, aside from the balls and a bit of specialty hardware, the entire kit is made out of standard VEX IQ beams and connectors.

Opening the box, it almost looks like bags full of colorful kit add-ons.

Which means that next year, teams can use these pieces to expand their robot kits, instead of having to figure out how to get rid of a bunch of bulky plastic waste.

We donated our Next Level stuff to the local robotics program, but who knows if anyone will ever use it for any reason. I imagine it will sit there for a few years, and then eventually be tossed to conserve space.


All of the Next Level stuff, with the exception of the hubs, is robot legal. That’s one thing I have loved about VEX IQ, is that we get lots of robot parts with each game.