Thanks To Karthik

I for one have had to use this forum to get design ideas for the past three years. From SkyRise (My first year) to now in StarStruck there has been a presence on this forum that has guided us in rule clarifications and technicalities. Thank you Karthik for all you do and all that you help us with. This is our first trip to Worlds this year and I hope that I can get a chance to meet you there. I have had the opportunity to use this forum to grow and to teach the next generation. (Sorry for the sappy post to all the forum members but it has to be given credit. He does an awful lot)


I agree. Karthik could be carrying away some insanely cool and new inventions for VEX and other resources, but he spends his time answering every post questioned on the forum. Karthik you are one of the most-working forum users, and I appreciate that you give a large majority of your time for us, so we can understand the rules of VEX, as well as increase our knowledge for the future. I love all you do, and thank you very much for your hard work!

Thanks Karthik, now if only you could define trapping . . .

VEX is lucky to have him.
Either there was a life size poster cut out of Karthik floating around Worlds last year or that guy could really get around the convention center!! :slight_smile:

@-459° both :wink:

… and the difference between a wallbot that extend beyond the fence and a cage-bot…