That Moment When


That moment when you reverse the direction of a motor and it still manages to spin in the same direction.


That moment when you almost perfect your autonomous, and then another team puts their autonomous on your program without changing the driver control setup.


That moment when you realize that you’ve watched 3 hours of robot reveals and you still don’t know what to build.



That moment when your sister team’s catapult cuts a c-channel in half


NOOOOOOOOO! (This hurts to see.)



When your sister team also manages to best a stand-off 45 degrees just by shooting it twice.


How is that possible?


Physics in action! Arm meet standoff. Standoff meet arm moving at 12FPS with a mass of 300 grams. Bending happens.


That is a LOT of deflection for steel, especially in that shape (hexagonal).

Edit: Aluminum, not steel.


I half-expected standoffs to simply snap under enough pressure. I guess they’re not tempered or heat-treated…


Nope, pretty soft metal, I’ve seen teams bend them for special uses. (Corner support anyone?)


I really had to bulk down on my hard stop. And I still had bending. I added those pieces to my “Boulevard of Broken Parts” (Green Day reference for those who get it.)


that moment when your ally pushes you off a parking spot


That moment when you realize your sister team did this to their single battery mount
And if you think we were out of locknuts
Think again


That moment when you realise your sister team is breaking their catapult and fixing it the night before states.


That moment when the referee disqualifies a team but you don’t get the win.


That moment when you shoot a high flag in the last seconds of the game, but it doesn’t flip for some reason, and you lose the match by 2 points and get ejected from the state bracket


That moment when you think you know what you need to do to bypass the 20 character limit but your school blocked the function on their laptops.


That moment when you can’t figure out the correct way to bypass the 20 char limit

EDIT: by “you” I mean @gilmorkn472. I know how to do it. Nothing the school can do could possibly stop you. DM me if you want to know more.


It’s easy