That Moment When


Thanks for the offer @TaranMayer, but I’ll try to figure it out.


hint:you wont know unless you take a web design/development class


hee hee I was the one to figure that out unless someone else did earlier. It’s quite simple.


That moment when you see a claw bot at Worlds.


Let’s stop with the meaningless +1’s.


I will attach a claw just for you when we reach Kentucky


That moment when you add a torque gear ratio to a 2 motor puncher


That moment when the opposing alliance shoots and misses20190301_152706




that’s my robot’s name…


That moment when you drive up a day early for Southern new England regionals and are 5 mins from Worcester only to have them postpone it by 2 weeks for snowIMG_20190301_164845_989


sorry - but think - TWO MORE WEEKS to get a few more points out of autonomous and programming skills… wait driver has to practice too? never mind.


You got that right. It’s just like getting back to usual, aka staying and programming till 7pm every day!
And yeah, driver practice too!


That sucks to be honest


That moment when you realize that if you hit your V5 controler hard enough it shuts off


That moment when the opposing alliance rips off your intake so you become a push bot for the rest of the match.


that moment when you’re center parked and your opponent is trying to use a parking ram to yeet you off, but it gets torn off and sucked into your intake.


That moment when 3 out of your 6 qualification matches are 1v2s


that moment when at states, you and your alliance disconnect through multiple matches at the same field, same color and the ref thinks the field is fine… Then you realize that this happened at the same exact field and color last year. Cortex problems


That moment when your opposing alliance unplugs your intake before your elimination match at states, preventing you from scoring and you still manage to win be using agressive defense.