That Moment When


That moment when you destroy an 800 dollar V5 kit at one competition


That moment when the opposing alliance gets their intake ensnared in their team mate so for 1:30 in the match its a one alliance match


That moment when you forget which color you are, and have to look at your plates to find out.


My driver did this, just he didn’t check the plates and continued shooting at the other teams flag while I watched in despair.


All the time at my last comp.


That moment when you’re ranked 12 and you deny number 1


That moment when your teams miss 4 shots in the last 30 seconds when all they needed is 1 to win states


That moment when the team with the vision sensor is bragging about their perfect aim
Think again…


Oh dear lord that sounds concerning


It should be the coder bragging


That moment when you have a single cata you broke the meta


That moment when your auton works perfectly and gets 12 points, while the other alliance does nothing, then the ref says you lost auton.


Thats always a rip


That moment when your ‘perfect’ autonomous fails.

That moment when it ALWAYS works on the practice field but never in a match.

That moment when your robot drives itself onto a cap and spins around for the rest of the match.


That Moment when your robot is stuck in auto for the the full match @doer will remember


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Yeet all the balls


That moment when you fry a V5 motor a week before state and you don’t have an backup.


That moment when your team uses too MANY nylocks, and oh no we have to take this off now…has anyone seen the wrench?


That moment when you thought you figured out the 20 character trick, then realized that anyone not on dark mode could see your trick. (I did get it, though!)