That Moment When


+1 my utter g, m8, now u think I don’t know but I do


I got it now. 15%20AM


U at 15%? My guy…


Not exactly how we do it. Yours is more obvious.

That moment when you pm somebody, but then they never respond.


probably a repeat, but…
that moment they comment +1 but there’s a heart button

it’s still happening :laughing:






Let’s address this, actually. Who actually looks at how many likes a post gets? I know that I used to read the quote boxes on all the +1s, and I got a good idea of which posts, no matter my expectations, were the most supported. Sure, they were kinda pointless, but you knew more quickly which posts were agreed upon.

That moment when you get off topic, but try to fix it at end end of your post.


MMmmmmm why they gotta not park like that…


Lol #BuffTheStupidGyro


When you’re a v4 capbot and you have to 1v1 a v5 flagbot because no-shows and win


That moment at state when you got bad pairings in qualifiers but still managed to finish 6th and have an alliance set up with the the 4th seed team who can stack caps and shoot but you get picked by second place and get excited for a second then you see the team and it’s a team that somehow finished second with a 4bar that can only flip caps, can’t stack, no shooter and an auton that scores one point yet you still accept cause your dumb and didn’t realize it at the time and get BO1’d in QF because the intake/cap flipper of your robot broke 15 seconds in rendering you useless except for parking in the end after winning one 1v2 in R16 and then most likely wouldve in QF, only lost by auton bonus. As well as finishing 4th in skills when i could’ve easily done better with one more driver run but didn’t get in line in time and the top 3 in skills were invited to worlds. And I didn’t qualify. No disrespect to the Middle School team that picked me, they’re learning and congrats to the skills qualifiers. Bad decisions on my part.


Looks like someone had an enjoyable time…


I still had fun, it wasn’t a bad experience. I was there to enjoy it with people from teams I haven’t seen in a while and that’s what I mainly did. I came in it not expecting to make it but knowing I was nearly there hurts. Just gotta care more next year and maybe get some teammates to help.


that moment when your autonomous works in the practice field but not in a match so you use a video camera to record your match and tweak your autonomous on that, and it worked.


That moment when a recf representative threatened to DQ a team from judged awards under G1 for unsportsmanlike conduct for mentioning “video review” to a volunteer.


That moment when you score two high flags and one low flag but the opposing alliance has a de-scoring autonomous.


oof I know that feeling.


Happened to us three times at states.


that moment when you think your hand is in front of your puncher, but the puncher shows you it’s actually aimed at your forehead…at slightly over point blank range…


that moment when the other team shoots at your driver