That Moment When


That moment when your auton scores the top flags at the last second, and somehow the opposing alliance manages to rescore them.


That moment when you compete anywhere in Indiana and all you hear is “YEAAAAAAAH ROOOOOBOOOOOTS!!!”


that moment when during auton the opposing alliance shoots two balls onto your robot where they they can’t come off so you cannot shoot anymore.


that moment during auton when you purposely angle the robot to launch a ball at your captain to test if he notices anything that looks set up wrong.


@JoshyB May I ask how?<20 char>


We were paired with a flywheel and they were going to shoot the center flags, but they hit the post instead and bounced onto the other team’s robot.


that feeling when your back auton that snipes the two high flags on the opponents side works and then you walk into elims and instead of shooting the two high flags it shoots the middle flag and the low flag and you still don’t know why.


Lol that happened to me in a match, when I was trying to make a good impression on 1st place for aliance selection


That moment when you’re one win from worlds then the intake decides it wants die.


I guess esotalk got us in a habit



homie completely same except I was 2 wins away


That moment when your 1 motor flywheel can’t to jack on the flags.
(We took 2 shots during auton. Dead-center hits. The balls bounced off the flags.)


I was gonna post these in a separate thread, but seeing that this thread has taken off so much I’ll deposit them here instead.
That moment when your senior team fails the 1 point auton by 1 inch: (Tournament Replay)

Youtube video

That moment when your team gets eliminated so you spend the remainder of the tournament pranking everybody else:

Another Youtube Video


That moment when everything on your robot burns out in qualifications, you fix the problem, then in your first eliminations you burn out again and while you are disabled, you get three balls stuck in your robot and you can’t get them out or do anything. Youch that was a painful match.


That moment when you do something really awesome, but realize it was ruined because your team put a license plate upside down.


That moment when you lose to 1st seed alliance, so you give tips to the 2nd seed alliance and they win, then you tell the 1st seed alliance that you helped 2nd




That moment when no one on the field cares about plate color and in finals all the robots are red


That moment when your team cant control themselves9112


That moment when you’re at the season opener and make a timed autonomous that flips one cap but instead of putting 1200 milliseconds of moving straight, you put 12000 milliseconds. (you can guess what happens next)