That Moment When


That moment when it’s the day the Online Challenge winners were supposed to be announced.

it hasn’t


That moment when you watch all of the old game reveal videos and get scared of the robots.


That moment when you’re in states semifinals and your battery gets unplugged


that moment in inspection when they only have v5 inspection sheets, but you use cortex and the inspectors, knowing nothing about vex, are very confused.


This is stressing me out! I swear I have checked every single hour


that moment when are bored in math class and start inventing your own vex game…


It’s a game where you have to place rings on spikes but the spikes are on different height ballances, you want the ballances leaning your way


Kind of like spiked see-saws


Lol :joy: this happened to me, not in semis, but in 2 really crucial qualification matches. ( we won the first one, lost the second)


That moment when you have a vision sensors for skills but are at a state comp where the skills field is on a blue wall


I feel like with the new addition of vision sensors, for some reason more events have stuff like colored lights and walls around the field


They didn’t even let me put a white sheet behind the field



can confirm



that moment when you’ve spent most of your day refreshing the online challenge winners when you didn’t even submit anything.
Still refreshing.


That moment when your untested great 6 flag 2 cap and platform auton works perfectley, and then your alliance who said that they don’t have an auton goes, well, you know the rest


That moment when you’re losing auton, then on of your opponents violates the auton line. And then in your moment of celebration your partner drives across the line.


That moment when you get an auto-aim working based on the vision sensors in your auton, but your robot just ends up spinning in circle looking for flags, and doesn’t find any (when they are there)


This was annoying for me as our States competition as we lost multiple autos due to not being able to properly recalibrate the camera (there wasn’t a practice field to do it on) until lunch. Not like we could just increase the color range for the different sigs either as VEX decided to use a green that is more yellow than green and looks almost identical to all the walls (did I mention that some of the refs wear yellow) was a good idea. And yes while VEX tried to get us to use the ‘color codes’ thing, the blue and red are not consistent enough either as they are everywhere and the flags are glossy! WHY? WHY ARE THEY GLOSSY? That means for the red and blue colors you have to increase the color range ten fold if the event dares to have ceiling lights, which makes it detect all sorts of crap like the walls. Plus the sensor broke so that adds insult to injury (the lens got scratched, F). Anyways fun to see robots spin in circles like in FRC and the Vision Sensor is one of the more fun sensors Vex has. Assisted teleops are cool and much more consistent autos. Like even if our robot gets bumped it will turn to hit the flags. Just so satisfying to watch the robot self correct after it screws up in auto. Can’t wait till Vex makes things more consistent with it. Hopefully they add say retro-reflective targets next year with LED rings (hint hint game makers) so its more consistent even with terrible lighting conditions as you could just turn the exposure down.


That moment when you spend hours refractoring and commenting your code just so the only question the judges ask about it is “So how many sensors do you have?”. And that moment when they ask about it as you have to queue so you can’t lead in or talk about anything else other than that first question they ask.


that moment when you’re still refreshing 10 hours later