That Moment When


That moment when you know the sound of a V5 controller hitting the ground


That moment when you’ve left autonomous programming for the day of the competition for every competition you’ve been to this season


Who’s fault is that, the programmer, the driver, or the builder?


Woah, let’s keep it civil there


It’s always the programmers fault no matter what, even if the builder was building until the day of


But what if I am all three? Then it’s always my fault!


At least then you’d know where to place the blame. :wink:


Yeah, on my teammates for not doing anything!


Same. Mine were playing poker the during the entirety of the state competition.




Except no teammates


That moment when online challenge winners were supposed to be announced march 10th and its now march 11th


And then it becomes the 12th and they still are not announced


I have 6 teammates. I’m the lead Builder, only Programmer, only Designer, 1/2 of the Drivers. Yet I’m STILL NOT THE TEAM CAPTAIN. The only thing I don’t do is the notebook.


Ya how are you not the team captain?


Then say screw it, take all the stuff home, and don’t return


That moment when you scroll down to the last post and it says there is one more post left to read


I would, but I’d be stealing thousands of dollars in school property


Then borrow it for an extended period of time without consent


Dang, feels bad man. I’d promote whoever left it unplugged to janitor if I were you.