That Moment When


That’s literally stealing


It’s all good


That moment when you have to explain a rule to teammates who never read the manual, and were specifically instructed to.


Literally happens so many times. At one of my tournaments there was a cap on a platform and my team sided with the ref and said it wasn’t scored, and so I had to pull out the manual and this was between a tie and a win for a match that was super crucial. People really need to read the manual. People say its “too long”, but its really only like half pictures.


That moment when your teammate doesn’t know that you can’t hold more than two balls and it is halfway through the season.


that moment when its raining really hard, and the parking lot is across the campus from the gym, and you don’t have umbrellas.

and then half the town gets evacuated due to flooding.

and then you loose r16 0 - 36.


That moment when you need to fix the autonomous before eliminations and the computer dies but you forgot the charger.


M8, I’m from Malibu, that moment when your evacuated because of fires so build a robot in 5 hrs and go to a comp then sneak into school during cleaning to go to a second comp then mudslides happen so you sneak into school to go to a third comp, 3 judges awards from that lol


lol our trailer got abandoned up there during the fires and almost got melted.
the weather gods hate your town tbh…


Yeah, u right


This is why I have a giant ziploc bag I transport my robot in. It’s worked amazingly. Don’t have any pics of it actually being in the bag, though. I fixed some incidental holes with duct tape.



I dislike the new 20 character limit.


To make matters worse, our programmer lived about half an hour away and we were in queuing, so we just made our autonomous ram into a wall.


That moment when the “practice” field is used for skills during the entire tournament.


You see… that was 100% totally planned. No oopsies there :wink:

For everyone else, I helped host (and competed) in AZ MS States. @Doer won, BTW


I don’t


That moment when you realize the screw joints you just changed on your lift are illegal and you have to replace them all again.


That moment when you help at IQ states and know when a robot hits the ground.



That moment when you don’t play a single match at states without disconnecting.