That Moment When


Tmw your auton gets blocked but you go again


that moment when the senior team is about to win the scrimmage tourney with a MS alliance partner using Cortex, but all their wires get unplugged “somehow” before the final match


Same. One man team for the win.


That moment when this happens to @Connor1814D


That moment when you’ve been using VCS and then you switch to PROS


that moment after a match when you know you lost, but still proceed to tally up the score


That moment when even autocorrect has no idea what it’s doing.


That moment when you’re trying to put together next years team and everyone is going to the other team where only one person does anything.


This is probably something that needs to be in the rule book or EC handbook.


What was wrong with your joints?


That moment when you’re the guy who does everything on that one team…


That moment when you’re the guy that does everything and more that one team


That moment when you look straight down at the field through the center platform and the asymmetry hurts you.


We had recently replaced our lift joints with 3" screws, which are illegal since they are over 2" and then had to replace them again.


Ouch! I guess that could have been a good time to try the “turn a shaft into a screw” thing…


That moment when you almost hit the ref in the head with a ball.


That moment when you realize your thread is the 7th most replied to thread in recorded Vexforum history.


That moment when you realize we can make it even more popular…


That moment when you realize we can make this the most replied to thread ever if we tried hard enough.


That moment when you realize this is true.