That Moment When


That moment when @Drow locks the thread just before it’s the most replied to thread …



that moment when we still have 200 posts to go


Please! NO! |


If we keep talking we can get there there someday.


That moment when my team gets bad alliances all day and then comes last then gets picked by the 5th alliance captain and then comes back to win state and go to worlds LAMO


What’s a LAMO?


I think he means LMAO.


I figured


That moment when you don’t qualify for worlds, then you are the last team to qualify in your state (but you never won any qualifying awards) and the email goes to your mentor’s junk mail.:sunglasses:
And that moment when Vex says they’re shipping your V5 order, but they are only sending you motors and you don’t have any other V5 supplies.


That moment when you choose the wrong auton and the bot gets stuck behind your alliance partners bot and messes up their really good auton causing them to cross the line.


I’d agree, then not pick them. It’s always more fun if everyone tries their best, but I wouldn’t promote that toxicity.

Would spreading the word about them be bad because you’re starting rumors or good because you’re exposing their toxic nature?


That moment when you forgot to set your potentiometer for auton, lose auton because of it, then lose the match by 3 points.


That moment when your OP Alliance partner wants you to just play defense and you’re a one man drive team. Then they get 2 balls stuck in their robot and don’t tell you


Or maybe tell a judge, then the judge would probably just DQ them and you don’t have to worry about either. My only question is would they be DQed just from one person claiming this?


I would hope not. A DQ should have substantial evidence, not a single person testimonial. Plus you’d still have to worry about them throwing, hurting you.


That moment when you almost successfully derail a thread, but then realize DRow might just delete your posts for being irrelevant, and try to save it.


That is true, but I did not intend to direct it at any team but just to show awareness that things like that happen. My apologies.


No, don’t apologize. It happens. Just not sure what I would do if it happened to me.

To bring this back on topic:
That moment when you are against 2 OP teams with an average partner, and unexpectedly win.


That moment when you realize that you only need 60 more dollars before you can buy your own V5 kit


that moment when you finally get the money for the V5 kit and buy it but it takes “eight weeks” to ship