That Moment When


That moment when the white screen of death appears before finals and you don’t win


That moment when you DC for 40 seconds in QF of Signature Event and there is no replay.


That moment when the feedback of a handful of EPs is prioritized over the overwhelming voices of the students in the program and states and signature events are all bo1.


Happened to us but at kalahari and with a minute left of driver… so oof


That moment when your laptop dies mid download.

That moment when you accidentally drive your robot off the table, one day before competition.

That moment when they send you one battery and 2 chargers.


That moment when you take one screw out and the whol robot fall apart


That moment when someone starts playing country roads at a tournament and all 500 people start starts singing.


That moment when your autonomous didn’t work and your team loses by more than 4 points, but the programmer is still to blame.


That moment when your laptop bricks itself the morning of competition while your working on autonomous on the practice field and you’re stuck with a half working autonomous that only runs blue because that’s the only one you had downloaded.


That moment you walk up to the field and see you’re paired with a clawbot.


That moment when your encoders stop working, your auton crosses the line, you lose auton, your robot flips, and your driver can’t right your robot.


That moment when you win design award… even though you forgot your notebook at home.


that moment when your autonomous is supposed to flip a cap and park and instead it picks up a ball, fires it at the spectators, and then crosses the auto line.

Also, that moment when the refs tell you that your team is the only team that has disconnected on field 1, but you know everyone else has, and then they mysteriously don’t use field 1 for elims



Yea that was an L that nobody asked for. I believe you guys seriously had a good shot, but because of the questionable consistency of the V5 system it’s quite annoying.

I once dropped my robot during CREATE US OPEN during nbn year :smiley:
Also, that’s relatable too. I got two chargers and received one battery as well, but eventually the rest came.

Considering the chances that someone will win autonomous is very likely, you would’ve been able to subtract 4 points from the opponents score then add 4 points to your alliance.




@[TVA]Connor that actually happened at SW Robo Showdown


That moment when you forget to plug in the power expander, so only half your robot moves in autonomous, but since the robot moved you aren’t allowed to plug it back in.

That moment when they play mii channel theme during alliance selection and everyone is singing.

That moment when you get third in skills with an auton that only drives backwards and no driver practice.

That moment when your driver wants to put cat ears on the robot.

That moment when your team is entirely weebs and you have to stop them from giving the robot an anime name.


That moment when the opponents kamikaze autonomous rams you into the wall and cuts your power expanded cable and now you can’t move your lift for the rest of the match but the ref yells at you for playing defense even tho the other team started it.


That moment when you lose state skill by 1 point


that moment when you have a day before competition and you say " Lets take it apart, we can make it better!"


That moment when your auton goes the wrong way and shoots the ball full speed into the crowd