That Moment When


I think connor has successfully found the new forums meta.

I think so too!

Just a sidenote: this thread is now the #5 most replied to thread on the forums.



That moment when you look at Connor’s editing history and are immediately dumbfounded.


That moment when you figure out why you were dumbfounded by Connor’s editing history.


That moment when you’re trying to figure out how to make a wiki.


Never mind.|


That moment when the center platform breaks off of one of the Alliance platforms and makes no one able to park in that match.

I wish I had photos, because that was the highlight of the season for me.


That moment when you ram into a bottom flag and it goes back to the colour it was before.


That moment when you do hit the ref with a ball


That moment when a team’s descorer can’t hit a cap on the highest pole, but when they ram into the wall the cap somehow falls off


That moment when TWO c-channels snap in one match.


That moment when your robot shoots a ball into your face and they DQ you for shooting ball outside of the field.


That moment when you only need 6 more posts until you claim the number 4 spot in the replied to thread leaderboard


Our opponents did that. Their flywheel was so powerful that his head was bleeding.


That moment when a 2012 post is still relevant


That moment when you’re two posts away from 400.


That moment when you get lucky partners in quals and end up ranking #1 as a capbot at state.


That moment when there are 400 posts.


You’ve been waiting for that haven’t you?


That moment when we make a world record egg but vex forums


that moment when you don’t know if this is the most replied to thread yet…