That Moment When


most replied is a robot teaser with 562 replies, we are 4th right now
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That moment when discobot knows all


That happened to our sister team.


Drow, if you are lurking, please note. As the thread poster I do declare these posts as officially “on-topic”

No smiting necessary :smile:


That moment when you beg to DRow for mercy


That moment when everyone really wants to keep these posts, but we’re scared of DRow’s all-mightiness.


That moment when your about to lose auto but your opponents auto goes over the line and you end up winning the game because of that.


that moment when you hit 420 posts in the thread :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


You were one short.|


yeah I was including the original post so I fixed it


I am willing to bet that at 450 posts Fmaj7add9 will respond.


that moment when multiple people typing


That moment when as a coach you are so proud of your teams crowding around a laptop to help a younger player solve a coding problem together…only to realize they are watching Phil Swift slice a boat in half.


That moment when you realize this thread averages 9+ posts a day.


That moment when you spend an hour with 5 other people watching youtube videos when your supposed to be working on your robot.


That moment when you should be using your off-season wisely and learn to program but you’re playing Roblox instead.


that moment when someone has to say:
“I don’t think the Grinch counts as a furry”


That moment when the robot falls off a table/ anything a good distance from the floor


That moment when your team members ban you from using anything sharp for the rest of the season


That moment when your robot drives itself off a table. We later found the controller hiding joysticks up on top of a pile of rubber bands. No autonomous, by the way.