That Moment When


That moment when your thread gets way more popular than you thought.


I’ve deleted a number of off-topic posts.


That moment when a week before the week of state you go on an interim mission trip to Jamaica and miss a weeks worth of work and programming so you stay late after school everyday the next week to make up lost time.:grinning::point_left:


That moment when DRow deletes posts because they are off topic


That moment when you figure out how to bypass the character minimum, but then your flexes get deleted.


That moment when you try to figure out how @Got_a_Screw_Loose bypassed the character minimum, but then your queries become deleted.


That moment when you’re a ref at a middle school tournament and get hated for handing out several disqualifications, but then realize you’ve scored several matches incorrectly, including (almost) the finals match


That moment when:
someone spills water on the robot
your robot moves in auton but doesn’t move in driver so you can’t fix it
you realize your alliance isn’t going to show up
the other team shoots a ball at your driver during auton
you shot the flag so hard it rebounds


We lost in semifinals because the flag we hit, rebounded from blue, to red, back to blue, this happened twice.


that moment when a motor is moving cuz the motor screw’s loose but you can’t get a screwdriver or an Allen wrench in it


That moment when you have never brought the notebook to a competition or written in it ever or touched it or seen it since the first day of robotics


that moment when your driver bails from the last competition before states and you have to learn how to drive one day before the competition but then the freaking code wont work at the competition but the driver is also your coder and you don’t have auton so you literally get 64th place out of 64 the last competition before states.


that moment when a freshman cuts the wires of your last 3 functioning motors instead of the zipties


That moment when you spill a bottle of coke on your design notebook the morning of states and the judges ask why it was soggy.


That moment when you face an 8-motor cortex drivebase as V5 and end up in a stalemate.


that moment when you get BO1’ed

  1. That moment when you spend an hour on a programming for easier driver control and press “open” on VCS before saving and losing all of your progress.

  2. That moment when you spend hours on programming an autonomous and press “new” on VCS before saving and losing all of your progress.

Moral of the story: VCS has some problems, and I do not have very good coding habits.


That moment when you win skills this year.


That moment when your battery falls out in the middle of a match when you are alliances with a clawbot.


that moment when you are using a low strength, 60 tooth gear for a cap lift and the axle hole gets SO worn out that it becomes a circle.