That Moment When


That moment when you know you’ve lost a qualification match before its over, so you sit down and turn off your controller.


That moment when you build a cascade, and ur temate breaks it and leaves,…


That moment when your catapult stops running so you replace both motors both motors controllers the y cable and all the wires in 4 minutes and it still doesn’t even twitch so you go into your semifinal at nz Nationals as a pushbot against High quality and 2900A


that moment when this malarkey happens


This is amazing I really hope there is a video




please explain how and why this happened.


punch/slingshot ball launcher. too much strain. this is why we switched to apposing flywheels :joy:


eyy that happened to us too.
Then we zip tied our battery in.


What is it actually powering to be serious though.


That moment when a teammate shakes a 2L of sprite, pokes a hole in the lid and chucks it at your robot


That moment when your teammate gets mad because you shook a 2L of Sprite, poked a whole in the lid, and then chucked it at the robot. Oh wait…


That moment when you are at state, you are ranked 15th, and the 2nd seed team invites you, then your representative goes up and denies.


I was on the other end of that recently. We were 8th, and 3rd picked our pre-chosen partner (16th). They did try to deny, but if they did then we couldn’t pick them, so they had to accept.


That moment when you choose a clawbot for elims bc they had auton and then make it to the finals.


That moment when you lose to an alliance with a clawbot in elims somehow.


For years I’ve said to never discount a well driven clawbot. I also think that it’s a major point for the GDC that they can create a hugely complicated game like the last two years that a clawbot can play in. This year a clawbot with a wrist and the 5" wheels can be a pretty good partner.

That moment when you look at the robot and the reason it’s not powering up is that one of the wires going to the battery is no longer connected.


That moment when your going to get your perfect skills score, but you hit a cap as you’re climbing the platform and it flips back to blue.


That moment when the national championships are in two days and you really should be finishing autonomous and perfecting it, and only just realise you’ve spent all this time scrolling through the forums.


Oh, and then that moment when you blame everyone but yourself for the autonomous not working the next day, completely neglecting the fact that it was your fault the other day.