That Skills Score! Change Up Edition

Ahh yes, last year we admired 7k’s beautiful tower takeover skills runs. Another season has come and gone on for a while, opening up another discussion. Let’s discuss some absolutely bomb skills runs!
I’ll start, this is extremely rare, but 315, the paradigm teams from Cal. 5 teams over 200 and another at 188. That is absolutely nuts to get those scores, but as a program! Absolutely Unbelievable.


if you look at the top skill scores for high school, you’ll see that there are 10 teams with completely maxed out scores, and 89 teams with 200 or above.

in my opinion change up has nowhere near the capacity for impressive skills runs as tower takeover. The most change up can do for me though is make me think “yeah that’s a good team”, unlike the mind blowing skills runs we saw throughout TT.

Not to say all these teams on this leaderboard aren’t every bit as good as the teams during TT, its just that change up imo is not nearly as good a game to show off those skills as TT was.

But don’t let my distaste for change up ruin your enjoyment of seeing skills scores. I still think maxing out programming is quite an achievement, it does take real skill to do that.


While this is true, skills is even more important now than ever. I t won’t necessarily prove anything to some people. But more world spots/super regional spots will be awarded and skills will play a huge part in this because of Covid. Cancellations of qualifying events are definitely possible. So skills might not be “impressive”, but it is VERY important. That also might be why there are so many good skills scores. People are most likely working harder than ever on their scores, knowing that might be the only way they can qualify for something. I know personally, that has been a huge focus in our program this season.

Actually, as of now the rec foundation is making it sound as if super regionals will be open to anyway. All that matters to get into them is how fast your internet is.

The first sub 30 driver skills will be epic if and when it happens.


They’re working on it in Washington as we speak…


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