That Skills Score!

how would they be able to do that in 15 seconds for prog skills?
thats allot to do

It was yesterday that they got that score

Just saw it on vex via

Skills auton is a minute or minute and 15 seconds. Or until the person tells the timer to stop. They do 15 seconds in qualifying to keep the pace up and get the comp done as quick as possible. But they have minute for skills since u can do them all day so they not having to rush the people to do skills if that makes any sense

oh yea
i can see that then
now gotta get my programmer to program a good score for us

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U just dont see that high of scores cause i mean u know how long it takes to perfect a 15 second auton. Well imagine trying to do perfect a 60 second one. That and imagine u get all the way to end and it just screws up. It overall frustrating so that y people only do like 15 second ones

Then just imagine u put all that hard work in to program that minute auton and u dont win skills at the comp. That lost time building that minute auton could have been used improving ur bot.

image According to vex via they got 90 in program and 203 in driver

they did not get the high tower

yeah my bad. I didn’t realize that the cubes had a starting value of 1 when I did 203/7

They got a better score


Here’s the thing…


I actually sat here waiting on u to finish that sentence

Yeah, I saw that which means they got the same amount of towers but stacked 30 cubes!

Literally they are almost 100 pts above second place… that’s one of the biggest margins, if not the biggest, I’ve ever seen between 1st and second. 1st place score is about 50% larger than second place. 7K, just wow. Can we get some vids? :wink:


They were big brain and did the skills runs the night before comp, apparently.

Please, I hope we get a vid of that run.


i will ask them on youtube or if yal want to do it u might get faster response. i wont be able to ask until saturday if im lucky. the channel name is 7k robotics


My guess is that the mecanum wheels they use is the big factor in them getting all 30 cubes.


My question is how they managed to code a 96 point auton. Anyone think theyre using position tracking or any programs of that sort?