That's a nice V5 you've ordered...

I sure hope nothing happens to complicate it’s delivery.

Trade war, strike, locusts, famine - nothing will stop us from getting our V5s!

We’ll even pick it up from China ourselves!

Never fear, VEX ships via FedEx now.

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And if you are in our region, Robot Mesh will use any shipper that can deliver to the address. Our product comes from VEX on pallets on big freight trucks.

I hate you Rick Tyler! You taunt me!! I can’t order from you!!!

(I don’t really hate you).

And Rick has reminded me of the fact I can’t order from RobotMesh anymore…

That hurt me last year.

And I can add this to the pile of reasons that ordering V5 for this season isn’t the greatest idea.

Guys, if you want V5, wait until next season. V5 is going to be a mess this year, and most teams that use it will run into some major problems. I really can’t say it will be viable. I’m sure it will be fantastic next season, but for now, it may be best to stick to EDR.

It is actually quite usable now. I have been beta testing it for months without much issue. I just built a full robot for this years game with it as well

I agree. I haven’t come up with a pile of reasons not to use it this season… There are one or two risks, but not a pile of reasons. Some risks are that it might not ship in time - but that is easily mitigated.

I absolutely agree. We are working for the beginning of the season with EDR because V5 should ship after our first few competitions. After hearing about what V5 could do and subsequently planning out a robot with this in mind, I found it a lot more difficult to even come back to terms with the strength of EDR. I can’t wait for V5 to come, and I know that the robots will be ridiculously better when equipped with it.

And here I was thinking that the truck that delivered V5 was going to be built of V5.

LoL! :slight_smile: Now you’ve got me wondering… Tesla hasn’t released the motor and battery specs for it’s Semi trailer truck yet, but say you only needed a few kits and could stash them in a Chevy Bolt.

That’s got a 150kW motor and a 60kWh battery pack.

The V5 motor is 11W and the battery is 14Wh, so you’d need 13,636 V5 motors and 5,454 V5 batteries. I’m thinking that once the car built of V5 arrives, you will be well set for V5 parts for years to come!

Note from a tech inspector: A configuration using 13,636 V5 motors and 5,454 batteries is NOT competition legal.


Well, the trade in only really applies until December, which means that if you don’t order this season, you’re gonna end up paying around 50% more

Actually, if you COULD have used the upgrade program, but don’t, you will be paying just about 100% more.

No joke, Robot Mesh is the single best EDUCATION reseller I have ever dealt with!