The 5 Stages of Debugging

Just some programming humour for my fellow programming friends

Lord knows we need it

Feel free to share your own programming jokes/ funny experiences

Another find from my internet adventures
Programming is not for every one fun.jpg


This was me yesterday at practice because I can’t get my claw to work.

The only thing I know how to code is a TI-84 (or any of the calculators in that series), but I can still relate inserts laughing/crying face emoji

I guess I have to know how because nobody on my team actually is in for robotics. They only came to get a date.

What do you mean by a date? Like as in dating someone?

They are trying to get a girlfriend but in SD theres like 2-3 girls who compete.

Oh ok, In GA I’ve seen only one girl so far competing.

HEY! HEY! HEY! @BBBcube3.14
That’s Gabe and Berryhill.


thank you for realizing that

Even as an experienced programmer, I still feel this way

Gotta keep the funnies rollin

Really? In SC, we have a healthy 60%-40% split. Hrm…

We all have those moments

Oh dear, after programming for 3 years, I still feel fx-9750Gii is better and meek than any real-robot language

I want to be a programmer in a few years but our school only uses easyC not like any programming language you would actually use

I also want to learn programming but our programmer uses PROS and I can’t find any good tutorials to learn it

working on that . . . :slight_smile: