The Animation Is Here

They are finally here, the game animations for The 2008-9 Vex Robotics Competition

ohhh… the animations this year are pretty.

Looks great, I always like the animations for these sort of challenges, they use odd robots that can have some interesting ideas in them, but aren’t Vex parts so people won’t just copy it verbatim.

In my opinion, was done a lot better :slight_smile: I like things being realistic; robots that look commercial or have eyes just get to me… even though some of them in the video do, its not as scary as the first one imo 0.0

:D, I definitely like how the second video, or the “more realistic” one has a hoverbot as one of the robots…just putting that out there.

I like the second better as well, just because I think the first one gives to much away in the view of strategy.

P.S. Our 2008 FTC Robot had eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are now downloadable versions of each animation available on the Elevation page:

Thanks for the link. This should help out our freshman.

Everyone run in fear. I am attempting to make a vex legal hovercraft for this year’s challenge, lol.

lol, that would probably get you the robot design award (or whatever it’s called)