The animation-

VEX posted this 30 minutes ago, I just thought everyone should see it.

Thank you for posting this!


I have to say that this year’s game animation is fairly weak. Just shows that VEX can’t find someone to do as good of a job as Cody.

Weak is not the word choice I would have used.

I thought the animation was well done and very well produced with proper sound, detail and viewpoints.

I agree, but compared to that of Round Up, it is. I would have liked to see a match of gateway in there since it is a hard game to figure out at first.

I raised the bar very high.

The Gateway animation is fine! In fact I would say it is much better than all of the FIRST animations and better than previous Vex animations excluding my own work.

It’s really funny how some exchanges happened this weekend. This whole situation is downright funny to me at this point in time.

For example, one event staff member was in a group of three after the final match, he looked back and saw me, then looked to his group and exclaimed “Hey guys, I thought the animation this year was great!” I heard this and my first reaction was a little bitter rush of anger, then I wondered if this gentleman was perhaps new to the program or just stupid. Then Mehdi told me about how this guy saw me, then made the statement and that made it all made sense.

The statement was spiteful. But being the ego-centrical type, I was nothing short of honored that I was important enough for this guy to target, obviously I’ve been doing something right!

But for every bitter situation there was a nice one. I actually made peace with Paul. Now Jason can… Ah never mind, but me and Paul seem to at least be on ok terms.

Now I honestly have to say that I wouldn’t have come back if it weren’t for several key people in the Vex community and some good new friends here in Orlando. I am indebted to them.

And, well for what it’s worth this whole animation job was a really eye opening look into the business world. It’s shaped me greatly, and that’s all that matters.

As far as the animation goes, let’s not compare apples to oranges.


Personally, I want to know who posted the fake video. I don’t know, I found it to be a bit rude… I understand if somebody doesn’t like the game, but they didn’t need to put it down. They can’t do anything about it anyway so they should just focus on what they should do than putting spending time making the video. Just my opinion though.

I never saw the fake video as putting the other one down in any way… At the time the video of the animation had not been posted yet, and they did it as a joke.


Ah, okay. I only saw it after the animation was up. In that way, I was unaware it was a joke. I’m sorry for the confusion, I just was a little put off by it. Thanks for letting me know.

Not sure who put it up either, but I couldn’t help but laugh even though I generally disagree with the statements made. I think Gateway is a great VRC game, hopefully it’ll become one of my favorites.


I think there may be a mistake in the animation regarding the rules of Gateway. At about 39 seconds into the video, a robot is shown preloading two barrels. However, in the rules under <SG2> it says that only one of each object is available per robot for preload.

… And that is the difference between the animation and the rules.

Haha. Alright. Just making sure people were aware of it.

The animation’s purpose is to reflect the rules. Painstaking detail went into making sure that my animations were dead on the money and mistakes were made. We found those mistakes and either fixed them or cut them.

But hey, stuff happens, we always managed to have to re-upload an animation once.


Hmm, guess I missed that rule that allowed flying robots…



The hovercraft parts, the laser range finder along with the anti-gravity claw were all announced by JVN at the VIP session. :rolleyes: Look for them soon!

Any update on the mind controlled microcontroller?

Dave WOW, I love you man! (major fan)

But for the record I must defend this, Jason Morella told me to add a flying robot back during my work on the Clean Sweep animation! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was his idea of how specifically not to give away design ideas.

So long story short, it’s ALL Jason’s fault!

Ah so that was the “surprise” regarding the upcoming firmware update. Wonderful, now I just need to kidnap Josh and our robot can’t lose.


I think you missed the rule that allowed wheeled robots.
“That which is not prohibited is allowed”
or is it “That which is not required is prohibited?”

Flying robots are prohibited by the laws (not just rules, THE LAWS) of physics, and/or by <S1> as well. The game rules I design will say explicitly “no flying robots” because someone always asks…

Back on topic: I like the realistic looking robots in the animation this year.
Some team should build just like that (addd motor wires) and video them as an early reveal, as a “life imitates art” kind of thing.