The animation-


I must defend my idea!! Flying is legal! If you take the necessary precautions for safety reasons, it would be legal!

And technically speaking, the physics is really hard… It’s extremely hard! It’s almost impossible, but it can be done! A flying robot can be done.

you should have made the flying CANDY bot!
nice meeting you in person btw
and the skittles were also good :slight_smile:

Possibly… There are several ideas in the working…

and yes, nice to meet you too…
and I still have some skittles left… But not many…

We already finished all the Rainbow you gave us, Joe. It was tasty… :3

THANKS again for it! :smiley:

I just want to make some general comments about this thread. I’ve found several posts in this thread to be quite offensive, but rather than blast back I’m trying something different.

First, please keep in mind that there is a person who made this year’s animation, just like every year. That person may be reading these threads. If I were that person, I’d probably be pretty hurt by some things said about it here. With that said, I think this year’s animation is fantastic. I love that it’s short (easy to show without losing interest), and the visual appeal is awesome. Last year’s was great as well. I’m not going to directly compare them because I’m sure the requirements for the animation change each year, and because it would be offensive. I suggest everyone else take the same approach. If you have specific feedback about something you don’t like, find out who the right person to contact is and send them a private message or email.

Second, please everyone remember that anything you post on the Internet is likely to be there for a long, long time. Many of you are in high school or college and may not be thinking ahead much, but I can guarantee you that some potential employers will Google your name when you apply for a job. Condescending remarks, too much bravado, or personal attacks on forums such as these may cause future employers to think twice about hiring you. It’s not just employers either; everyone Googles everyone else these days. What if you’re getting ready to go out on a date with someone and they look up your comments here? Would you be embarassed? Would they cancel on you? The scary thing is that it can be difficult for adults to realize that things that high schoolers say can sometimes be dumb and that those high schoolers can be totally different and more mature later in life. I have personally seen a former robotics student lose the chance for a job based on his behavior in high school 5 years earlier. Chances are that student grew up a lot in those 5 years, but it was too late. The impression had already been made.

Finally, think carefully before you make personal attacks on individuals in a public forum. You never know who might be your boss some day, and you never know when you might get stuck and really need the help of someone that you slammed a few years ago on a forum. The neat thing about competitive robotics like VEX is that it gives you lots of great connections in places all over the world. Don’t burn those bridges by calling people out and making nasty comments about them. Carefully considered constructive criticism (say that 5 times fast) might be OK, but it’s almost always better handled in private rather than a public forum.

In summary, just think before you speak (or type). People and the Internet have long memories.