The Answer Is NOT Always C
the answer is not always C

Read this and it’ll be a sure way to brighten up your day, and give you a little laugh:D
well may not brighten up your day, but definitely give you a good laugh

wow, thats great. what was that poor guy thinking:rolleyes:

Well, first of all, it plainly says that it is a True/False test, which means that ALL the answers are either A or B.

So he was thinking what fun it would be to answer all ‘c’.

Shutt! That guy is the dumbest person in the world. He doesn’t even know it’s a true-false test with only A-B.
Or if it is a true-false test, then maybe they should not have C, D, or E bubbles.

Thanks for the laugh. Kinda what my friend, who isn’t very smart, did. He put A for the first question, B for the second, C for the third, etc…

wow thats funny how do you mark c if theres only 2 choices a or b lol:D

omg i cant even use the words to describe him without being banned:rolleyes:


That has got to be the most blatant example of ignorance I have ever seen:rolleyes:

Profanity (even implied profanity) is against the forum rules.
Please refrain from posting it in the future.

Sorry:o :o :o :o

Wait a minute, I’ve been around the forums and people have used ACTUAL profanity and their is not post publically scolding them

Do you have any links of other people using implied profanity?

If I see them, I will edit the post or scold them.
The argument “other people do it” does not make it okay.

I will try to be better about finding posts like this.

I re-read this post and am very sorry as to the tone it may have taken. I am not attempting to justify the use of implied profanity.