The Asus $200 Laptop

Yes you read this right. Asus is going to launch a $200 laptop here in the United States sometime soon. It is going to have a 7’’ screen, 2GB of HDD, 512 MB RAM, and will ship with Linux, but will be XP compatible. The models are supposed to range from $200 - $600. But the lastest “buzz” is that Asus is going to charge a minumum of $269 for a laptop with smaller HDD. Whats up with that? Well that is all, tell me what you think, and if you know anything say it.

sweet deal, but does it come with XP or do you have to buy it?

It comes with Linux, but rumors say that there are going to be one with XP on them. It would probably run really slow though.

kewl… allow me to throw Vista and another half gig o’ RAM on there, and it will be the perfect laptop for the robotech on the run

It costs too much.Also who would want to run windows on it?Its not like you could
play games on it.

Too expensive!! Tell me where you can get a laptop for $200? And I do not think that it would be excellent for the robotechy on the go, because it only has a Celeron processor and to program a good bot, you need power.

:smiley: :rolleyes: thad be great for programming, but what type of linx (ill be 203 before i can spell linex right) and will it be compatible with easy c:confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: