The Autopilot Color sensor stays only in spiral mode

As you may know the vex iq comes with the Autopilot program already on it. This program has 3 modes, Spiral, Lawnmower and Random. you can change the modes by either clicking the light sensor or when the color sensor detects different color Red (for random), Green (for lawnmower), Blue (for spiral). I use VexIQ for educational purposes at my school. In the room where they are used some of the walls are blue, the ceiling is white. And because the color sensor is set to three color mode in the autopilot program it automatically rounds up the very lightly tinted blue, white ceiling into blue and keeps changing the mode to spiral. The only solution to this was unplugging it but that doesn’t really count as a solution since it takes away one of the programs features.

Is there any solution to this?

What mode do you want it to be in? Just stick a VEX piece in front of it and stick colored papers in front of that so you can change what color it sees.