The Best Intake: What is it?

The Best Intake: What to do?Hey, I was wondering, what Intake idea is the best? The main two I have seen are the dumper, and a big claw. Other intakes include rollers, strings, a catapult, etc. Please take a stand on what intake you believe is the best, and explain why (preferably with video).

A dumper can be found in this video: This Video
A claw can be found in this video:This Video

I appreciate any input and opinions as to what the best intake really is, becaus I am struggling with finding out what I should do for an intake.

Personally I think that a dumper is easier to get working well, while a claw has a higher possible scoring limit. This is because a dumper has few moving parts and less finicky to tweak, but a claw can grab onto and score more objects reliably in some configurations.
I know this because I’ve built both this year.
I just started a poll. Maybe that would help.

## Poll link


Our team has been working on a side-roller intake this season, and it has worked extremely well with cubes, but not so great on stars.
I do believe that we will be able to perfect to work well on stars, and be an all around good intake.

Based on our last competition. I really think that a good side roller/dumper intake (it has side rollers but it dumps stars and cubes out the back) is best. I knew the autonomous period was important but going to a competition made me realize that a high capacity side roller intake can go really far this season because you can intake a lot of stars or cubes and you don’t have to be extremely accurate with it. Another reason I think it’s at least one of the best intakes is your partner. At our competition we had a couple matches where our partner let two good robots pile stuff up on their side and with our dumper it was really hard to get to some of that stuff because our partner often got in the way but if you had a high capacity side roller that would make the situation easier.


I have said this all season

After seeing flux capacitors and pig pen go as far as to win 60-0 in the finals, I would have to say that claws are the superior intakes at this point in the season. (both of those teams had claws at the competition yesterday).

All intakes require a certain level of driving practice & build quality to be any good, but if we are talking about overall the best intake, I would put it at side rollers for the amount they can hold and the speed of intaking

If they got overwhelmed though then they would run into the same problem as a dumper space wise, but side rollers wouldn’t have this problem… if built right.
And yes, i know we have a dumper :stuck_out_tongue: we’re planning on bringing back 182 Z and making a side roller robot for them/us. Once we have enough time.

I completely agree, we have a dumper right now and I am thinking that we will put side rollers on it. Can you show me some pictures?

Just search up “VEX Starstruck Side Rollers” on YouTube