The best match until now

Download the part 2 and watch 32:05 final 1.
You can see throwing large ball in autonomous;
You can see throwing large ball above the middle zone;
You can see one robot pick up 2 large ball and throw them into goal zone;
You can see the case full of small balls in 10s;
You can see the large ball put on the case;
You can see high hang with a large ball in 2s;
In a word, AWESOME!

Agreed. This is by far the highest quality match I have seen in Toss Up.

I came across the same video earlier this week. Needless to say, the standards I’ve placed on my own robot have been raised quite a bit. The only question I have is regarding the lack of defense in the goal zone. At our competition this past week everyone was fighting tooth and nail for opportunities to stash their own alliance’s objects. I’m wondering why there’s such a difference in strategy.

I believe the lack of defense is because three of the robots only have 4 high speed motors for their drives so if they played tough defense their drives may overheat. These robots are also the fastest in the world at scoring officially. It was an awesome match.

I can’t download it. Does anyone know where else I can we it?

Now that you mention it, a lot of teams we faced last weekend had a 6 motor drive. I’d be interested to see how effective defensive strategy would be against these high scoring designs

The stashes are full of small balls in 5s. They have no opportunity to defense. The blue team put two balls in stash and pick up 3 small balls in autonomous. At beginning of drive, one robot keep red robots away from the stash and one robot put three balls into stash. Then the stash is full. Only thing they can do is throwing large balls.

I would think you would have to run a block autonomous against them and try to score your preload bucky into the goal on their side. Then it would depend on partners on who scored in the goal on your side first.


^^that was my mind during that video^^

That was incredible. I never saw shooting game pieces to be that effective in strategy. This is forcing me to tweak my analysis

just to make it easier for everyone i put the specific match on youtube because it took me a while to download so i thought it would save time for other teams. :slight_smile:

Are the robots with the launchers using pneumatics? I can’t see an cylinders, but Can’t think of how else that would work…

That was my guess as well. I highly doubt they used a 3 motor drivetrain. you can also hear the sound of pistons at about 0:55 seconds left

Thank you! I gave up on the download when it said “5 hours remaining.”

No problem, im glad i could help :slight_smile: I also gave up a few times but i had to see the match from all these positive comments about it.

Those 7090 bots truly are amazing. I hope I’m not the only one who wants to see them play catch with a big ball.

The pneumatics puzzle me. I could only see 2 pistons and 2 reservoirs, yet the launchers have such consistency. I’ve seen other robots online which have 4 pistons and 4 reservoirs and they can’t launch as well as the 7090 robots for as long as the 7090 robots. Twice as much pneumatics but still not as good… hmmmmm.


Some other sketchy things according to one of my teammates - Battery extensions are visible and it looks like the batteries might be in the front of the robot. No idea if this is actually valid.

…I never really used any of these equipment, but maybe it’s important that they always shoot stuff when the lift is raising and the drivetrain is moving forward. Though height is a factor in shooting, combining the force of 8 motors with pneumatics could be even more significant

That pneumatic launching is amazing. The 7090 teams did a great job. Wish I had some pneumatics to play around with it.

Wow, those robots are very impressive. I am confused how the big balls don’t hit the top sprocket on the intake while launching them. It works though! Any ideas how?

Needless to say, excellent job.