The Best Robot Ever

Just wanted to post this picture of the robot I just completed. Believe it or not it was made 100% from original VEX equipment (can you see the line follower kit, right there at the front?). You wouldn’t believe how many orange and green balls that can fit into that trailer at the back. Anyhow, see you around at a competition sometime soon.



Yeah, you kind of messed up your link. There is no such thing as http://IMG_1387.JPG :frowning:

Edit: Also, for some reason bbcode instide of code blocks is still processed.

Okay, I have it up as an attachment now, but can you tell me how to reorient the picture. The original file was properly oriented but for some reason it wants to lay it down?

wow. something this ingenious never occurred to me…

Your camera probably has an orientation sensor and the software you used to view the picture must obey the orientation field in the exif data that is embedded in the jpeg. The viewer built into windows should be able to rotate the image, or a free and powerful tool like irfranview can help you too.

Of course there are surely 100s of other ways :slight_smile:

It’s a really cool robot, but it must be a hobby project. No way that thing is going to fit in an 18-inch box. Maybe a 22-inch box, though – is this a prototype for the 2011 game?

You made a tractor?

I think he was joking. But now that you mention it…a tractor would definitely be a good manipulator type. Although I can’t imagine the drive train would be too great on that.